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Home Page is a company and uses the same NFC (Near Field Communication) and QR (Quick Response) code technologies you find on smart phones and tablets to offer innovative e-tourism applications. Promoting an area’s cultural heritage has never been more economically advantageous nor offered such potential for high added value.

Example applications include:

enhancing museum itineraries and tourist locations
promoting an area’s typical products or crafts
promoting cultural tourism
cataloguing museum items and artefacts from archaeological sites

A QR label or NFC tag is attached to a particular product, or placed at key points on a museum itinerary or at any tourist location. NFC-enabled phones read the tags and the camera of a mobile phone recognizes a QR label – in either case the user is connected to a website providing further information, on-line purchasing opportunities and promotional activities.
What is more, QR codes can also be printed onto products, sent to smart phones to replace paper tickets and used as discount vouchers at retail outlets.

The data generated concerning user preferences provides the perfect marketing support for further personalizing of products and services. works closely with a number of other businesses in order to offer complete solutions. As well as creating and installing the QR codes or NFC labels, we can provide the multimedia content and also design and host the website, thereby directly supplying our customers with all vital user statistics. is part of EESTEL (Association des Experts Européens en Systèmes de Transactions Electroniques) an association comprising 43 companies specialized in electronic transaction systems with a particular focus on the use of mobile devices and new technologies (NFC, QR codes, BLE - Bluetooth Low Energy).